Cultural Program
Calligraphy and Chinese Traditional Pictorial Art (lecture and master class)

Calligraphy is an unalienable part of Chinese culture and art, and it has served for over five thousand years as a tool for expressing an artist’s inner world. MSU-BIT Arts Center offers to all Olympiad participants a short lecture on principles of Chinese pictorial art and a master class of calligraphy and gohua, or ink wash painting, a classical Chinese painting style. Join our teachers and calligraphy enthusiasts in order to get a feel of the ancient art of calligraphy! This lecture and master class will provide an introduction to the principles and traditions of Chinese art as well as to the ideas of hieroglyph transformation and ways of writing hieroglyphs using ink and brush.

Theater Master Class
Theater Master Class is a great opportunity for developing abilities that may be useful not only on the stage, but also in everyday life. This master class will engage its participants in creative performing activities thathelp enhance concentration, imagination and creative thinking. These skills are necessary for anyone in any profession as well as for personal development. During this master class, you will experience exciting exercise aimed at empowering participants and eliminating fear of public address, developing creative abilities and imagination. You will also be able to master basic methods of acting and to participate in fun games and teamwork exercises.

Dance Master Class
“Movement is the essence of life” – this famous quote highlights the importance of being active and practicing movement throughout human life. It does not matter whether you keep dancing when you hear your favorite music or if you work on own personal growth—everybody must keep changing, moving and do it everywhere and at all times. Our master class was created for Olympiad participants so that they can get a lot of fun learning various elements and techniques of modern dance. These techniques include elements of varied styles of dancing, such as ethnic, jazz, modern dance, classical dance and popular street dances. Join this class in order to explore tour own passion to dance as well as to stay in shape! Plus keep in mind that the master class program includes fun outdoor games.

Melodies of Spring,
an Arts Soiree
Arts Soiree is an event organized by the MSU-BIT Arts Center. Any participant may come onstage and to show some creative performance. Everyone will be free to choose his or her theme and performing style, yet an overall theme will unite all performances which might be any operatic or folk singing, exploring work of different composers or arts of various periods.
It is planned that the overall theme is called Melodies of Spring. This means that music, dance, poetry or other performance repertoire will celebrate the arrival of spring which is associated with Love, Light and Happiness! Performers will present artistic expression of different cultures and in different periods, but sometimes they will also feature authentic new creative work of Olympiad participants.